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About Bluestone Gathering

A wholly-owned subsidiary of DTE Energy, the Bluestone Gathering System delivers Marcellus Shale gas in Pennsylvania and New York to Millennium Pipeline and Tennessee Pipeline. The system is a 44 mile underground natural gas gathering pipeline traversing the towns of Sanford, Broome County,New York, as well as New Milford, Harford, Thompson, Jackson, Lenox and Harmony in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Project Benefits

  • Bluestone provides market access to local Marcellus Shale gas, thereby increasing reliability and optionality to gas consumers.
  • By providing an outlet for gas produced from properties held by local landowners, landowners with shale gas on their property will be able to realize the financial benefits of royalties.
  • As a high pressure gathering system, the Bluestone Gathering System has the ability to move a larger volume of gas through a single line as compared to lower pressure systems resulting in a lesser overall impact to both landowners and the environment.

Key Facts

  • The 44.5 mile Bluestone Pipeline and Gathering system ranges in size from 16 to 20 inches in diameter with smaller in-field pipeline connections to gas well pads along the gathering system route.
  • Capacity is expected to be 975 MMcf/day to both Millennium Pipeline and Tennessee Gas Pipeline with the capability of future expansions as required to meet additional needs.
  • Dehydration and compression facilities are located at Bluestone stations in Pennsylvania; all are subject to State and Federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Southwestern Energy and Cabot Oil & Gas have contracted with Bluestone Gathering for gathering services under long term agreements.
  • Operation of the portion of the gathering system located in New York is under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of New York, and the portion in Pennsylvania complies with all applicable codes, safety rules, and regulations of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Who We Are

Bluestone Gathering is being developed as the Bluestone Pipeline Company of Pennsylvania, LLC, Bluestone Gas Corporation of New York, Inc., and Susquehanna Gathering Company I, LLC which are wholly owned subsidiaries of DTE Pipeline Company, an affiliate of DTE Energy. DTE Energy is a Detroit, MI based diversified energy company with natural gas and electric operations in all segments of the industry. For further information, see our corporate website at

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